Casual business-western look

I personally love to combine different styles, but when I first thought of the idea how to combine a western look with a business outfit I was a bit unsure how to do that as those two styles are so different. On the one hand, you have the western look which is a more natural look including warm colors, sometimes cowboy-ish hats and a lot of garments which are made of denim. And on the other hand, you have the business look which is a more urban look - with cold colors and more chic and clean accessories.


So, it´s not that easy to find the right combination – but I think I did quite well.


With a denim shirt, some striped dark-grey pants and the leather boots – to bring up some western pieces to my outfit. The business part of my outfit is a black coat and some nice black shades.

The bag is the perfect fusion of western- and business style, because of the beige color which stands for the natural look and the black leather handles which are more classified into the business-style-area.


Julian Krimplstätter