Vintage new interpreted

Every one of us has one piece of clothing which is an all-time favorite. Either it is an accessory with some special meaning (for example it was a present from a good friend) or just old trousers that fits you that perfect. So, you keep wearing that clothing as long as possible – and at some point, you decide to put it into a box and through it in the back corner of your wardrobe.




In the most chases, you grab that piece up again and want to wear it – remembering it was at one time your favorite and now you can restyle it with your latest garments.


In my case, this tweed jacket has been belonged to my older brother and at some day he gave me his jacket – as we all know many older siblings do, giving their “old stuff” away. So, I wore it and at some point, I bought a new coat and never wore the tweed jacket again. But now I brought it up again and want to wear it.


The cool thing about a tweed jacket is that it´s a timeless fashion item. It´s regardless of whether you buy a new one or just stick by your old jacket. I like vintage clothing so I decided to stay with my old one and I’m super happy with it. Some black Chelsea boots and a head-to-toe black outfit and ready to rock this jacket - AGAIN. 


Julian Krimplstätter