Childhood memories

When you think of winter what are the things which come to your mind, guys? When I think of the cold season the first things pop into my mind are a lot of food, mulled wine and the smell of frankincense. But there have been also some childhood memories of Christmastime I was not that excited about.


Do you remember the corduroy trousers and the turtleneck jerseys - those clothing which were extremely warm but also not the most comfortable ones? I vowed to myself that I`m never gonna wear any of those garments ever again. They were scratchy and mostly uncool at that time. But now 15 years later – everything has changed!


I’m totally obsessed with my old “enemies”. They are stylish and not a bit uncomfortable. A pair of burgundy red socks and some Chelsey boots and ready to enjoy the cold days and some mulled wine in a nice brasserie like JOMA.


Julian Krimplstätter