How to survive the cold season in style

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few days at “Almdorf Seinerzeit” which is located in the mountains of Carinthia. The weather was beautiful but at the same time cold as a witch's tit – so I had to think of something warm and protective to wear for this arctic surrounding.

Not as easy as it sounds!

I’m not the biggest fan of extremely heavy down parkas which are in most cases equipped with a tacky fur hood. Luckily, I found a parka which was perfect for me! Stylish, but not to over-the-top, and the most important thing: Extremely warm!

Then I thought of something to wear underneath and the first brand that popped into my head was SCOTCH&SODA. The Dutch brand is one of my favorites! It combines simple style with special details. I decided to take a fine knit pullover and some light-grey trousers.

Not to forget, the footwear!

When it comes to footwear, I always like to stay on the modest side, just simple black or white shoes nothing really special. Unfortunately, most winter boots are the opposite. Big buckles and colorful pattern (especially in brown or etro-colors) are often to find when it comes to winter footwear. Thanks god, I found a pair form DIESEL which are simply black and have also a kind of like an urban style that comes with them.

How to survive the cold season in style: MISSION COMPLETED!

Julian Krimplstätter