Simply Basic

It’s been a while since my last post – a new job, university and modeling beside my blog wasn’t as easy to handle as I thought. But now I’m back and full of energy - of course with a new style tip.

I want to share a look with you guys that is simple but at the same time fancy and classic. As you all know I’m not the guy who likes to dress up extremely – simple garments clever combined with some modest accessories: Et voilà a timeless style is created.

Thank God the striped t-shirts are back this summer – they have just changed in the way that the stripes are much thinner - which I’m personally very happy about. 

Combined with dark-blue suit pants which are suitable for daily use because of the elastic fabric and you are ready to go. But don’t forget to bring a backpack along – In my case I choose this super stylish one by RAINS – regardless of whether it is raining or beautiful sunshine outside – this backpack and his special coating withstands any weather conditions. 


Julian Krimplstätter