Orange is the New Black

Yes, the new season of OITNB has aired a couple weeks ago, but that is not the reason why I’m writing this post. It’s all about the color ORANGE. I can remember I was never a big fan of orange clothing. Either it was too bright that you look like a school kid with those safety vests on, or it was just a mix of red and yellow that doesn’t look good at all. Luckily over the last years the color orange has changed and is back in the game.

Nowadays you can see some bright orange tones nearly everywhere. And they do look good like in some iconic pieces from OFF-WHITE. But also, more subtle tones of orange are big this coming season like my sunset-orange long sleeve from COS. A long sleeve in late summer, isn’t that too warm to wear? Don’t worry, because of the mix of merino wool and cotton your skin can breathe and it’s comfortable to wear. I combined it with casual dark blue suit pants and simple white sneakers.

And if you like it more elegant, just combine it with black shoes and a suit jacket and you are ready for any fancy event like for example the Salzburg Festivals – which I attended last week. But my outfit for that occasion was another one. I’ll let you know guys!


Julian Krimplstätter