Classic but different

When it comes to timeless pieces like a simple white shirt or suit trousers, I always tried to create something new. Either I combined them with special accessories or flashy shoes - but I was never really satisfied with any of these solutions. Why not changing some classic pieces itself with smart features? 

I found two garments with sophisticated characteristics: first, a white shirt without a collar and rounded neck-cut, as well with a hidden button tape. Classic but different! You can combine it with a suit, jeans or, in my case, with suit trousers.

Most suit trousers a not the most comfortable ones. Either they are very inelastic or, even worst, they get wrinkled. But these trousers from Zara are simply amazing. Super comfy like jogging pants and at the same time they stay in shape. Beside of that, the pattern is a real eye-catcher and fits perfect for autumn-styles. 

PS: Speaking of seasonal styles just wait for my next blogpost, I found one of my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE for a bargain.

Julian Krimplstätter