Dark Summer

The summer season is ahead and this raises the question: „What can I wear to an evening event instead of a classic suit?” For most elegant occasions we think of suits, tailcoats or tuxedos, but especially in summer when the temperatures are rising, you don’t want to be stuck in an too many layers and feel sweaty. Fortunately, I found another opportunity to suit up with style and feel comfy at the same time during warm summerdays. The answer is: “FROCK COAT”. This stylish garment is a timeless piece and was invented back in the Victorian and Edwardian periods. For everybody who doesn’t know what a frock coat is – it’s a man’s coat characterized by a knee-length skirt all around the base.

For my outfit I picked a dark blue coat from Jil Sander. Super light, timeless and not too expensive, as I picked up a bargain at a big designer-outlet-sale near Salzburg. I combined the frock coat with a basic long-sleeved t-shirt and some suit trousers. To spice up my outfit, I decided to wear ultramarine socks – an eye catcher for sure - and plain white sneakers.

No matter whether you are having drinks at a bar with your friends or you are going to the theatre, this outfit is always accurate when it comes to occasions where you need to suit up a bit more.

Julian Krimplstätter