Secret Garden

It‘s June and nature shows its full summer-beauty. Flowers everywhere, bright colors and you can smell the fresh summer breeze. This was my inspiration for my upcoming outfit. As you all know, I‘m not a big fan of multiple-prints when it comes to outfits, but when I saw this black flowers shirt from Zara I couldn’t resist. Simple, not to overloaded with prints and a super airy material that feels almost like silk. Too feminin? Nowadays there is no label like feminin or masculine - and I’m curious to play with that merger. Therefore I tried something, that I’ve never done before.

As a model I‘m used to makeup, but never really tried it by myself. First, because I thought it’s kind of complicated and second I always thought it’s a girly thing. But a couple weeks ago, I read an article about „Men’s Grooming“ and decided to give it a try - and in the end it wasn’t complicated at all. I just bought an grey-brown eyebrow pencil and asked my girlfriend for some makeup. For this look I just put some foundation on, added concealer and darkened my eyebrows a bit. With that same pencil, I outlined my lower eyelid from the outside to the middle of my eye and et voilà my look was completed. Not girly at all! So guys, the next time your girlfriend puts some makeup on - think of this blogpost and give it a try - by yourself ;)

Julian Krimplstätter