Vienna is a paradise for photographers and bloggers when it comes to locations. The only bad thing about it, is that it‘s nearly impossible to find a new place that is not captured a hundred-times before. That means location hunting. Luckily I found a beautiful new spot in the city by random which also fits perfectly to my outfit.

This time I want to show u guys that there is another opportunity when it comes to polos. Honestly, I‘m not a big supporter of polos. They always look either too classic or prebbly. But I found a quiet good alternative. 

This kaaki T-shirt has nearly the same optic then a polo shirt - but with the open collar and non button tape it looks more sophisticated. And the fabric has nearly the same characteristics like a silk shirt - super light and really comfortable. For footwear I decided to choose black elegant sneakers. The label MUROEXE produces sneakers which are made of microfibre and have an EVA-sole which is super light. Either combined with a suit or just for streetwear these sneakers are always accurate. I would say a perfect look for warm summer nights is created.

PS: If you want to know where the location is, just let me know ;)

Julian Krimplstätter