During the last few months I was looking for something new, something comfortable, something that I never had before. I wasn’t in the mood for inventive combinations of clothing - jeans with t-shirt, trousers with long-sleeve, whatever. Luckily, I found a ALL-IN-1 piece.

Jumpsuit/overalls are normally not the first fashion garment when you think of a men‘s wardrobe. And a couple weeks ago I saw quite a lot of overalls. Therefore I had to grab one and give it a try and I was positively surprised. Super comfy, light, and you just need a pair of shoes and it’s a wrap.

So for all lazy fashionistas out there - who doesn’t want to spend time on thinking what fashion piece could work with jeans - just grab an overall and you are ready to go. I decided to take an army-green one from Zara and combine them with white Reebok sneakers. My advice: Take a shoulder bag with you, because when you put something in your pockets it could looks clumsy.

Julian Krimplstätter